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the ass gasket puts a waterproof insulated barrier exactly where skiers and snowboarders need it

A Warm Dry Butt, No Matter What

What the heck is it?

A lightweight, waterproof and breathable accessory for skiers and snowboarders.

What's it for?

Keeping you dry and warm on the way up, without overheating or restricting movement on the way down.

Does it work?

Bigtime. The Ass Gasket keeps your butt up to 25°F warmer on a 5-minute chairlift ride.

How do I wear it?

Over your long underwear, under your snowpants. It's comfy and nearly invisible.

Waterproof and Dry

So long, swamp ass. Later, chilly cheeks. The Ass Gasket is a waterproof, insulated barrier for the coldest, soggiest part of your day–riding the chairlift!

Warm When You Need It

Adding layers can be too hot and constrictive. The Ass Gasket insulates when you sit but notwhile you ski or ride. Brilliant!

Made with Natural Materials

These ain't no petro-pants. The Ass Gasket uses natural rubber based Yulex instead of petroleum-based neoprene.

Tested on Live Humans

Our ass-test-dummies include skiers, snowboarders, and even smelly telemarkers. Everyone loves the Ass Gasket.

Easy On, Easy Off

Ass Gasket goes on and off without removing your pants or boots. Add the Gasket when you need it, ditch it when you don't. Easy!

Quickly adapt to changing conditions. Don't be stuck in the wrong layers all day.

The Ass Gasket lets you fly by the seat of your pants!